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What Does a Professional Home Theater Design Entail?

A home theater featuring Pulp Fiction on the screen.

Bring a Truly Cinematic Setup to Your Home Entertainment

Transform the way you enjoy your favorite movies and media with an upgraded home cinema. Your viewing experience starts with your home theater design and setup—is yours up to par?

With a professional team implementing your design, you can rest assured that your theater will deliver an outstanding performance every time. Keep reading below to learn what this top-tier setup entails and how our team at Wicked Smart Homes can help!

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Room Selection & Layout

The first step in designing a home cinema is choosing the right room. Our team of professional designers will consider factors such as room size, shape, and acoustics. Ideally, a dedicated room with minimal natural light is preferred. The layout will be meticulously planned to ensure optimal viewing angles and seating arrangements for everyone in the audience.

High-End Audio

Audio is arguably the most critical element of a home theater experience. We assess the room's acoustics and may use sound-absorbing materials and acoustic treatments to eliminate echoes and enhance sound quality. A high-quality audio system with surround sound capabilities, including speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, will be carefully selected and positioned for immersive audio.

Video Display & Calibration

The centerpiece of any home theater is the display. We help choose the right screen or projector based on the room's size and seating distance. The screen's placement and calibration are vital to ensure the sharpest, most vibrant, and accurate images. This involves setting up aspect ratios, color balance, and contrast levels to industry standards.

Lighting Control & Seating

Ambient lighting can significantly impact the viewing experience. Home theater design often includes lighting control systems that let you adjust the intensity and color of lights according to your preferences. This ensures that lighting complements the on-screen content without causing distractions.

Comfort is also paramount in a home theater. Our team can help select seating that provides adequate support for extended movie marathons. Custom seating arrangements can also be designed to maximize the number of seats while maintaining optimal sightlines.


Sound leakage into or out of the theater room can be a major issue. A home theater designer like Wicked Smart Homes incorporates soundproofing measures to ensure that the cinematic experience remains undisturbed for both the viewers and other parts of the house.

Aesthetics & Decor

We consider the overall visual appeal of your home theater as well! Our team works with you to select appropriate decor elements and furnishings that not only enhance the cinematic atmosphere but also align with your personal style.


Want to learn more about bringing a trusted home theater design and setup to your cinema? Give our team at Wicked Smart Homes a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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